Birds of Panama - Photos

Birds of Panama Photos

In this section we offer you a view of some of the birds that can be found here in Panama.

Panama Birding Spots

Birding Locations

Descriptions and maps of some of the recommended birding spots in Panama.

Wildlife In Panama

A few of the species you might or not encounter while birding in Panama.

Related Books

Related Books

A few recommended books with related information.

Bird watching in Panama

Panama is world renowned for bird watching

Birdwatching in Panama

 The country has over 940 registered species of birds and these can be found in many beautiful locations some listed here in this website.

Photo of a trogon from Panama seen along the Pipeline Road
Photo of a Slaty Tailed Trogon seen along the Pipeline Road in the Soberania National Park.

Some Tips

A few important points

  • Use a local guide in unknown territory
  • Please help nature conservation
  • Please don't leave any trash behind
  • Its birds territory respect boundaries
  • Silence is golden