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Bird Watching in Panama

A Guide to the Birds of Panama, with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras

This is the first paperback version of the second edition of the popular A Guide to the Birds of Panama. In the second edition, published in 1989, the authors expanded information on the birds of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras: approximately 200 new species were added to the material in the 1976 edition. Over 300 additional species, some of them Panamanian, were illustrated. Sixteen new plates were added, and three of the original plates were replaced by improved versions. Throughout the book changes were made to accommodate the explosion in knowledge of the birds of Panama and nearby areas and of neotropical birds in general. The basic sequence and systematics of the AOU 1983 Check-list were adopted. Also included in the revised edition was expanded and updated information on birdfinding in Panama, prepared with the assistance of two of Panama's best resident birders. The book also contains a special section outlining developments in Panama ornithology and conservation. "A sophisticated treatment of one of the world's richest avifaunas."--The Quarterly Review of Biology

A Bird-Finding Guide to Panama

A Bird-Finding Guide to Panama is an essential tool for anyone traveling in search of Panama's spectacular birds and natural attractions. With more than 970 species and a growing infrastructure of good roads, eco-lodges, and restaurants, Panama is a premier birding and nature tourism destination in the neotropics. The country's unique geography, small size, and varied habitats make it easy to see a vast diversity of birds within a short time. The isthmus is a crossroads for the hemisphere's birdlife—Panama's varied avifauna includes such Central American specialties as the Resplendent Quetzal in its western highlands, while in the east, in San Blas and the Darien, species more characteristic of South America, such as the Blue-and-yellow Macaw, are found. Divided into three geographic sections (Canal Area, Eastern Panama, and Western Panama), this bird-finding guide provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on Panama's best birding sites. Features include detailed site descriptions, directions, road and trail maps, and bird lists, as well as listings of birder-friendly hotels and restaurants. In addition to a comprehensive species list for the country, the book also contains information on where to find more than 360 species of special interest.

Birding Central Panama (An Antswarm along Pipeline Road, DVD)

This DVD is about finding birds in Panama. Pipeline Road, Central Panama, in the presence of an antswarm certainly lifts forest birding to another level. Panama, the most southerly country of Central America is blessed with a rich biodiversity & wonderful birding lodges, located amidst spectacular scenery. Panama has a phenomenal 929 bird species, with the easily-accessible Central Region hosting some 600+ of this total. The film highlights birding adventures in this Central Region, initially working the Soberania National Park of the Canal Zone & secondly birding the higher elevations of the El Valle region, some two hours drive westwards Join Malcolm & the team birding Semaphore Hill, Summit Ponds, Old Gamboa Road & Pipeline Road. Travel further afield - shorebirding along the Pacific coast, the highlands of Cerro Azul, the renowned Achiote Road, Tocumen Marsh Then experience the completely different habitats of El Valle, searching for orange - bellied trogons, black - crowned antpittas, white-tipped sicklebills & the like. Duration: 100 minutes

Panama Birds Field Guide

Why this birding app is meant for anyone who plans on visiting Panama or learning about the hundreds of bird species that live in this incredible country: It’s easy to use: This field guide weighs as much as your device, and birds can be found with quick search tools and or by quickly scrolling down the screen with the touch of a finger. It shows well over 500 species of birds and will include more in the future. An emphasis on species that are commonly encountered and regional endemics. Multiple photos for many species: See images and learn how to identify hundreds of birds awaiting you in Panama. Vocalizations for more than 350 species: Listen to and learn the beautiful and exotic sounds heard in the tropical forests of Panama. Range maps for every bird. Descriptions of important field marks, habitat, and other information about the birds of Panama. Take notes on the birds you see. Birds listed in both alphabetical and taxonomic order. Use the “Which Bird is It” function to take pictures and record sounds of birds you aren’t sure about or want to share. They will be sent to the Birding Field Guides team as soon as your device connects to the Internet and we will identify them for you. A full checklist of all species recorded in Panama included. This can be edited and emailed.

Panama (National Geographic: Adventure Map)

National Geographic's Panama AdventureMap is designed to meet the unique needs of adventure travelers with its durability and accurate information. This folded map provides global travelers with the perfect combination of detail and perspective, highlighting hundreds of points of interest and the diverse and unique destinations within the country.
The map includes the locations of cities and towns with a user-friendly index, plus a clearly marked road network complete with distances and designations for major highways, main roads, and tracks and trails for those seeking to explore more remote regions.