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Violaceous Trogon

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The Violaceous Trogon (Trogon violaceus), also known as the Guianan Trogon, is a near passerine bird in the trogon family, Trogonidae. It is found in humid forests in the Amazon Basin of South America and on the island of Trinidad, although some authorities have argued for treating the west Amazonian population as a separate species, the Amazonian Trogon (T. ramonianus). Until recently, the Gartered Trogon (T. caligatus) of Mexico, Central America and north-western South America was generally considered a subspecies of the Violaceous Trogon. For more details from Wikipedia about the Violaceous Trogon please see this page here.

Violaceous Trogon

This image was taken along the Pipeline Road in Panama./p>

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